Sunday, October 25, 2015

No FEAR : Getting ASKED Questions on TPT (for SELLERS)

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS--it's the way the world works. Earlier this week I posted how BUYERS can best utilize the Questions and Answers tab and now I think it's time for SELLERS to see how they can best utilize it!


Always answer customer questions! Between school, life, creating, blogging, and surviving it's easy to just let these get behind. Savvy teacherspayteachers customers look at this to see how responsive you are to questions and concerns. It's an important part of your store and let your customers know that you care!

Along similar lines keep your questions up! No matter what! When I first got asked a question--it was a customer asking if I could fix a typo and I was SOOOO EMBARRASSED! EEEKS! So I fixed the issue contacted the buyer and then quickly deleted the question. I wish I wouldn't have! Live and learn right? Getting asked questions is just part of it. SO embrace it. 

All of the big sellers have typos too! Cara Carroll, Babbling Abby, Deanna Jump, Kate Bing, Teaching With A Mountain View, Kayse Morris...they all get asked questions and have typos so it is a-okay. They are all more than willing to help and quickly fix the errors and that's so important. One typo or two typos won't ruin your store! We all have typos because we are human!

Also, you know it's so hard to be the first person to ask a question! So if anything, keep your questions hanging around for that reason! 

One of the most important things about the question tab...

It's a great way for potential customers to see how quickly you respond, how you handle situations, and how you treat your customers. I get excited when I see questions because it's another opportunity to work with fabulous teachers and help them out--printer issue, file issue, typo issue. Whatever it may be. This is a great way to gain customers and to show how important they are to you!

What have you learned about the question and answer tab?

Over and Out!

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