Monday, June 6, 2016


Emoji's are a thing! I love "rolling" with the trends and things that will easily engage students, don't you? It's what makes learning fun and always different.

A few a month's back I purchased a few sets of these emoji's (no affiliate link--just an emoji fan!) and kind of wondered what I would do with them---other than give them out to my students or put them on fab work. THEN I came up with this fun whole group activity that then became a fun end of year writing center. Totally stocking up on more of these this summer!

You'll love this for any time of year. I found some 1 inch small blocks that I purchased at Michaels and made them into emoji dice. So all you have to do (or your students) is roll and write and let the creative juices FLOW!

Roll them under a document camera for a fun whole class activity. For free writing or story writing I roll and say "your setting is" and students would have to weave the emoji into their setting. It made things tricky and exciting. Plus there are always a few giggles when the chocolate ice cream swirl -- aka poop! emoji is rolled.

 We especially loved this with poetry! Having to include a word associated with the emoji made things really interesting and stepped up the kids creativity.

Think about Friday afternoons when everyone is a little tired EMOJI DICE will be a total lifesaver! When there seems to be a rut during your writer's workshop...lifesaver! Needing a fun center to add? This. Is. It.

Seriously so so easy and engaging is right up your alley! And your students will love creative writing even more!

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Check out my new Emoji READING Status of the Class!

Over and out!


  1. Where is the link to the emoji dice file?

  2. Hi Hillary! This was an activity that I made using these emoji stickers ( and some wooden cubes from Michael's! I am adding some to my tpt store in the next few weeks so be sure to keep an eye out! Thank you for asking!

    1. I love this idea!!!!! I believe my 6th graders would love this in the writing literacy center!! Thanks!!!

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