Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Little Shelfie Action

It's no secret that there aren't enough hours in the day for us to read! I have a to be read list a mile long and I add to it faster than I read books on it. Anyone else?!

This year I wanted to create a visual reading log for my students and the idea stemmed from my summer reading log. I had a few friends comment on how cool it was and then I decided--duh! this is the reading log for me! It really turns into a work of art and I'm already dreaming of the end of year reading logs...what a way to display what you read!

You can find this is my store as well as some reading snapshots (the coolest reading Polaroids ever) for students to display what they've read for parent nights and such!

Check the out {HERE!}

Over and out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Friendship Towers and Building Classroom Community

Whether it's the beginning of the school year or anytime in the middle--this is one of my favorite activities to do with students.

As much as school is about reading, writing, math, science, social studies, PE, art, music, and all the subjects--it's even more about the relationships that students build with their peers.

No classroom is perfect because we are all learning! We start off with FRIENDSHIP TOWERS.

At first I have some building blocks (you can use Jenga blocks, unifix cubes, really anything that you can build with) and we talk about what makes a great friend by asking questions like:
What do great friends do?
What do they sound like?
What do they look like? (as in actions)
What do they make you feel like?

And with each response I build a tower. I have my students write down key terms that they say and add to their "Friendship Tower" page. A freebie printable is at the end of this post for you to use because #yourock.

Then I talk about how all friends aren't perfect...and I take away a few blocks.

We discuss how this doesn't mean that a friendship is over, it just means that you have to keep building.

Now sometimes something might happen where you feel your friendship tower has been completely destroyed. Sadsville. We discuss cirmcumstances like this because students will encounter this--it's real life y'all.

BUT then we talk about how it's okay to rebuild and refortify your friendship and how it is totally possible!

Then students get to build their own friendship towers and encourage one another and cheer each other on for the "coooolest tower" or the "tallest tower" or the "funkiest tower" and so on.

I'm allllll about simplicity with a big impact and my students alllllllways love this one. JUST  had to share! Will you try this? I think you should! Let me know how it goes in the comments.

Oh, and grab this handy dandy freebie printable {HERE}

Over and Out!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

PB and Jammin'!

Here are some songs that are on my playlist right now! ANNND can we just take a moment to realize how fast time is going--sllloooow down so I can catch a breath! I am totally loving apple music and creating playlists that I can listen to anytime and anywhere! My husband ordered this super fun speaker that goes juuuuust about everywhere with me. No affiliate...just sharing something that I love! What songs are you loving recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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