Saturday, January 30, 2016

IS to the OF

Ah! Finding percents! I know this was something that was always hard for me to figure out! So I totally get why we all get confused. This is my sure-fire tip for helping students figure out how to set up proportions.

 This saves my bacon when setting up proportions and teaching percents. Literally. Bacon. Saved. I've found with how our year is mapped out that keeping things in a "ratio state of mind" helps!!!

Let's get the IS OVER OF party started!

My students each have an is/of card and we talk about how almost all percent problems have everything mapped out for us. We just have to decipher it...correctly. ha!

I have my students circle the "is"...aka the part and box the of...aka the whole. It works like a charm the kiddos totally get how to set it problem! I have these task mats for them to check how they set up proportions before they solve can find them here!

Totally give this a try!

Over and Out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Turn up that VOLUME!

VOLUME. VOLUME. VOLUME. After having these for a while I finally got them posted. We moved TWO times this past summer and somedays I find things that I was working on during both moves that I totally forgot.

I am so happy that these are finally posted. When looking through the common core sometimes I feel like there are things packed in there and the resources are really sparse...anyone else feel the same? One that I felt like needed some attention was VOLUME. ESPECIALLY composite figures. They are so hard to find!!!

I LOVE these task mats. Seriously. You can use them for introducing and teaching and then they are perfect to pull out for review. From a SCOOT, homework, quiz, intervention, enrichment...its all here.

Similar to finding are of composite figures sometimes I have students that have a hard time breaking the shapes apart. I love using these crayola dry erase crayons on laminated task mats. They don't smudge and are easy to remove. You can find them HERE. I have oodles of other volume activities (task cards and matching games :).

Just an idea!!! AND I because I am obsessed with song parodies that help you teach I wanted to include one of my's really HAPPY ;)
I love that it includes regular right rectangular prisms and COMPOSITE figures. AND it's also pretty catchy.

Over and Out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back from the UNDERGROUND!

I've missed this little blog space! It has been a month! Let me tell ya! But first:::: TEACHERSPAYTEACHERS is having a SALE right now. This is the time where we are in the trenches isn't it? I always like to look at my curriculum map and snatch things up that I might need in the future months! Anything fun on your wishlist?

After spending Christmas in Utah and Texas we are back home. Even though the beach is cold we are so glad to be back!


Getting lots of inspiration for percents!!! I have a post getting gathered about some tips and things I love! Get READY!

Click HERE for my latest percent and proportion product. It is perfect for students setting up proportions...which can be super intimidating at times!

So why the long break? I had step throat twice--it lasted over a month! Between all drugs and teas and salt water gargles, doing the dishes, being a mom, and taking naps I missed out on a lot. What a bummer of a break huh? Good thing there were lots of hands around for part of the time to help!

Luckily I busted out some quilts that one of my favorite students made and another one all of the girls in one of my classes pieced and sewed together. Thank goodness for those! Aren't they gorgeous? I have a soft spot for handmade treasures!

Hoping you all didn't have strep and enjoyed all of the fun that Christmas and New Year's brings. Let's do this 2016!!!

And don't forget to shop using the promo code START16. 

Over and Out! 

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