Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Turn up that VOLUME!

VOLUME. VOLUME. VOLUME. After having these for a while I finally got them posted. We moved TWO times this past summer and somedays I find things that I was working on during both moves that I totally forgot.

I am so happy that these are finally posted. When looking through the common core sometimes I feel like there are things packed in there and the resources are really sparse...anyone else feel the same? One that I felt like needed some attention was VOLUME. ESPECIALLY composite figures. They are so hard to find!!!

I LOVE these task mats. Seriously. You can use them for introducing and teaching and then they are perfect to pull out for review. From a SCOOT, homework, quiz, intervention, enrichment...its all here.

Similar to finding are of composite figures sometimes I have students that have a hard time breaking the shapes apart. I love using these crayola dry erase crayons on laminated task mats. They don't smudge and are easy to remove. You can find them HERE. I have oodles of other volume activities (task cards and matching games :).

Just an idea!!! AND I because I am obsessed with song parodies that help you teach I wanted to include one of my favorites...it's really HAPPY ;)
I love that it includes regular right rectangular prisms and COMPOSITE figures. AND it's also pretty catchy.

Over and Out!

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