Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Metric Measurement Madness

I love teaching measurement. It's such a hands on unit and there are so many PATTERNS...that once students figure them out it's easy peasy! Metric Measurement used to be something that kind of wanted me to press the snooze button...buuuut now I really enjoy it because of a few tricks that make my students LOVE learning about the metric system.

References for students are KEY! There are several that I use because different things click with different students. Seriously the key to success!

We use an assortment of task cards and task mats (they are FULL page problems). We also talk a lot about the metric system and make it relatable. They really love the Numberrock Meter, Liter, and Grams song and theres a rap ((here's a link to the lyrics)) I bought the song from somewhere...maybe iTunes? Or somewhere online. It's always a hit. I recommend skipping the music video it's pretty dated.

Seriously...all the metric measurement reference sheets
Activities to practice...that are fun!
And it all comes together! You can find this pack in my tat store here!
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