Thursday, June 13, 2019

Let's Talk Shapes--Composite, Square, Rectangle

Let's talk area and perimeter. More specifically about area and perimeter of those combined shapes, complex shapes, what ever you want to call them. 

I remember my first year teacher I was like "This is the same as finding area and perimeter of a square or rectangle but you just combine it". Well, the spelled recipe for disaster. Ha! We got it figured out but time sure does make it easier.

So. This is NOT just the same as area and perimeter of "regular shapes". I'm always looking for fun ways for students to explore area and perimeter...less telling and more DOING.

It takes a lot of breaking down of the shape to find area and perimeter--I have a blogpost about there HERE

But instead of breaking things down I think this activity is perfect because students are BUILDING, using their number knowledge, problem solving, demonstrating, and evaluating--all of the good things that you want them to do to find the area and perimeter of squares, rectangles, and complex shapes.

I have them build using manipulatives but if you just want them to build shapes on graph paper or grids that totally works too. I have different sized grids that students can show their work on--#accountability. Area and perimeter works like that too.

These "Build-a-shape" activities are perfect for that! Students read the task and try and build--most tasks are totally possible while other tasks test their area and perimeter knowledge. 

The cards build on one another! I totally recommend doing these a day at a time or they could be used as something to complete after other work--or a fast finisher--even though these aren't necessarily all that fast.It's a super meaningful activity.

You can find this activity HERE in my TPT Store! And I have a few other area and perimeter things too--so check it out!

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