Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Angles All the Way

I'm back...sooner than I thought...and it's all because of complementary and supplementary angles!
I overhauled this resource and added some new things that are absolutely loved by students.

No matter what time of the year it is...and especially at the end of the year...I am desperate for review games. Are you? This angles matching game is perfect to show off angle sizes and dust off the cobwebs...even if you taught geometry/angles/complementary/supplementary stuff a few weeks prior ;)

We have a few tricks for remembering complementary and supplementary angles but I love these I can flips...students solve and it's perfect to add to their notebooks for a quick reference and reminder.

Ah! I cannot get enough of these!

AND math bands...they are back! Students loosely tape it around their wrists to reference when working on activities...we've also added these as a book in our math's a win win and everyONE loves them and benefits.

You can find all of these resources in my!

Happy almost Friday!
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Any Angle You Take

Eeeeeks! Angles are so awesome and I am soon beyond glad that this is posted.
I'll be posting for about it soon in detail but I literally just have to share this with you.

Seriously...anything complementary and supplementary's covered!

True and False Complementary and Supplementary Angle soooooort 
and Matching Cards...because we gotta mix things up every once in a while, right?!!

Ummmm...and a math band...because I can't tell you how many problems I was messing up because supplementary angles tallied up to 190 degrees in my mind. Should have been wearing my math band and I would have been a-ok!

Do you teach complementary and supplementary angles??? Let me know!

You can find this Complementary and Supplementary Angles Bundle/activity pack/angle awesomeness here! All of this in one happy download! It doesn't get any better!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fraction Fanatic

Hi! If you scroll around, you will see that lately my life has been consumed by fractions! 

Why are they so darn trick sometimes? 



I'm sharing some of my fraction foundation activities with you! AND I'll be popping in with some of my students favorite things to ensure that they've got fractions down!

If you haven't checked out my free WHAT'S MY MIXED NUMBER? activity you can get it for 
free here!



Fraction puzzles! I created these for some students that needed some strengthening with their fraction foundation but found that they were the perfect review (and even a tad tricky) for students who were fraction masters. 

The puzzles have students piecing together fraction information in


I just printed these two to a page (they are full page puzzles) and laminated them and store them in a page protector to pull out when we are doing fractions and also reviewing at the end of the year because....#testing #dontremindme #youaremorethanascore

ANNNNND I really just need to do a big ol' part blogpost about task mats proclaiming my love for them...but I think it will have to wait until summer

SO HERE'S a short version! ;)

Task Mats are my favorite....they are full page problems. I love them for small groups, scoots, stations, reviews, sample problems and so much more. 
I've found when I work with my small groups or grabbing a group of students struggling that having one problem in front of them with lots of room to work and show their thinking can make all the difference in the world. So I love them and you will too!


Because I'm focusing on foundations the task mats cover

Writing and drawing fractions
Fractions on a number line
Simplifying fractions
Equivalent fractions
Mixed Numbers and Improper fractions

There are 10 of each category and really reveal where students stand as to what they understand about fractions.

So make fractions less trickier. You can find these posted in my TPT shop
I love followers like you and feedback!


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Monday, March 20, 2017

Pi Day Punnies

Happy Pi Day!
We had a great time feasting on some circular goodies...because aren't math holidays the best?

To add some fun to the day I whipped up some silly pi jokes--and I am still collecting more! Aren't these funny? I mean, they might not be funnyfunny...but they should illicit a little chuckle or giggle...let's take a look!
For all the pirate lovers....arrrrrghhh!!! There's a pi joke for you!
Ain't that the truth?! Pi never ever ever ends.
Everything in life really is easy as easy as pi...except when it's not. Good one.
After printing this I realized I left out lemon, chocolate cream, strawberry rhubarb...I better quit because I am the biggggggest fan of all the pie/pi.
How silly.

Thank you for indulging me and all of my pi puns.

Want/NEED a copy? Just email me at with "pi day punnies" in the subject and I'll pass along what I have!

You're a sweetie pi....that's too much.

Over and out!

Monday, March 13, 2017


I am so excited to share this today. I've had toooooons of fractions on my brain!
Seriously. Overboard on the fractions. BUT I LOVE IT.

This is a perfect activity whether you are introducing how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa AND if it's just a review.

Did I ever tell you I was afraid of teaching math. Like really. I would study and study and study the first year I taught math and the scariest thing to my mind...was FRACTIONS.

I think fractions gave me hives. Just thinking about was bad.

Once I started drawing fractions and talking and thinking about the more in depth I had this huge part of my heart fractioned (haha) off just for the LOVE of FRACTIONS.

So DRAW fractions, play with fractions, talk about fractions, and write about fractions. Use words like "partitioned" to make everyone think you and your students are all about fancy fractions.

AND as much as the drawing and all that jazz applies to YOU it also applies to your students.

I was shocked at how afraid my students were afraid of fractions too. What is it with being afraid of drawing pictures and math? I don't know because pictures are ESSENTIAL!

ANYWAYS...this activity is just for you to break the ice with fractions and for students to see where a mixed number is in a picture and ALSO where an improper fraction is.

It's simple and easy and your students take ownership....which is the best. thing. ever.


Students are given a card with a mixed number--you can have them choose their own or you can create more with a blank template I provided. And if you are feeling wild and crazy then have your students use 10 sided dice to roll for their mixed number (just make sure the numerator is smaller than the denominator). Or just use the cards I provided...because...EASY!

They need to draw a picture of their fraction. I have my students draw models (circles, squares, rectangles, triangles) that clearly show their fraction. TO me this is super important that they can see both the mixed number annnnnd the improper fraction in their picture. But I'm wild and crazy-ish.

THEN they need to write their mixed number as an improper fraction.

After that students write their mixed number and hide it under a nifty little paper flap thing
(help me out here...I can't think of the word).

To pull everything together and show off our fancy fractions we do a
"GIMME FIVE" go-round the classroom and they find and solve each other's

They turn in both to me and VOILA!

Is that simple? YES.
I sleep better at night know that my students really know about mixed numbers and improper fractions. You'll sleep better too ;)

Are these perfect to post out for conferences? YES.
(because do parents remember this stuff? no. well, probably not. so impress them with a cool math display that showcases their child's brilliance and awesomeness.)

Because I know someone will ask...I have my kids fix any errors prior to turning them in. Mistakes aren't a big deal in my class and it's easy enough to add a model here or just start over. Aren't kids sometimes the best teachers to each other? YES!

Any other questions? Email me at

Hop on over to my TpT store, follow along, and grab this freebie. I'm going to be dropping in with some more fun fraction essentials I have up my sleeve so FOLLOW my store and stop by my little corner of the internet when you get another second.

Have the best week ever. ever.

Over and out!
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