Saturday, March 25, 2017

Any Angle You Take

Eeeeeks! Angles are so awesome and I am soon beyond glad that this is posted.
I'll be posting for about it soon in detail but I literally just have to share this with you.

Seriously...anything complementary and supplementary's covered!

True and False Complementary and Supplementary Angle soooooort 
and Matching Cards...because we gotta mix things up every once in a while, right?!!

Ummmm...and a math band...because I can't tell you how many problems I was messing up because supplementary angles tallied up to 190 degrees in my mind. Should have been wearing my math band and I would have been a-ok!

Do you teach complementary and supplementary angles??? Let me know!

You can find this Complementary and Supplementary Angles Bundle/activity pack/angle awesomeness here! All of this in one happy download! It doesn't get any better!

Over and out!

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