Monday, March 20, 2017

Pi Day Punnies

Happy Pi Day!
We had a great time feasting on some circular goodies...because aren't math holidays the best?

To add some fun to the day I whipped up some silly pi jokes--and I am still collecting more! Aren't these funny? I mean, they might not be funnyfunny...but they should illicit a little chuckle or giggle...let's take a look!
For all the pirate lovers....arrrrrghhh!!! There's a pi joke for you!
Ain't that the truth?! Pi never ever ever ends.
Everything in life really is easy as easy as pi...except when it's not. Good one.
After printing this I realized I left out lemon, chocolate cream, strawberry rhubarb...I better quit because I am the biggggggest fan of all the pie/pi.
How silly.

Thank you for indulging me and all of my pi puns.

Want/NEED a copy? Just email me at with "pi day punnies" in the subject and I'll pass along what I have!

You're a sweetie pi....that's too much.

Over and out!

1 comment:

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