Oh, Hi

Hey Y'all!

My name is Beth and I am a 6th grade teacher-blogger, wife to a med school student, and mom to one cute little lady.

I am a Texas girl but now we live in sunny Florida and go to the beach as often as possible. I love teaching and creating so I found a hobby that combines them both!

Some of my other favorites are to take pictures (I am by no means an professional but I love learning), keeping up my family blog, reading, having a great dance party, finding hole-in-the wall  delicious restaurants and spending time with my little family.

When I'm not doing some of my other hobbies I'm creating all things upper elementary for Reading, Writing, Science, and Math!

Oh, and I also make a mean Texas sheet cake and have a deep love for Bluebell Ice Cream. This blog is mainly a teachery outlet for me to post tips and tricks of the trade, products for upper elementary grades (but all are welcome!), my undying love for diet coke, favorite resources, and happy teachy thoughts. So glad you have stopped by! Stay a while why don't ya!

Over and Out!

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  1. In "The Cat's in the Bag" lesson, what do I put inside the bags?


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