Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Math Projects!!!

Summer time, oh sweet summer time! It's the best time to catch up on lots and lots of things!!! Netflix, sleep, not making lunches, movies, time at the pool...enjoying it all!!!

During the school year I feel like I start 1,000 projects, finish 10 of the and leave the 990 left for the summer. So I'm so grateful for catch up time!

Whew!!! Teachers need summers don't they!!?? Here are a few new things that are now posted in my TpT Store!

This was a work of HEART let me tell you! 50 Metric Task Mats targeting different skills plus a collection of fun and useful reference pages to make going from kilograms to grams and so on engaging and easy! And they focus on measurements that students are familiar with!!! Whoo hoo! 

This was made to specifically help all students with plenty of problems to challenge your students that NEED TO BE challenged and help those along that find it intimidating. Get your metric system set HERE!

Tricky Fractions! I always have the hardest time finding practice problems for when students need to borrow and carry when adding and subtracting mixed numbers. 

AND ones that don't involve crazy denominators because I'm usually needing these for my students that really struggle. 

I always fail when making them up on the spot--#teachertroubles. The common denominator becomes some huge number and then we are all lost...ha! Not anymore! I've loved having these in my arsenal.  
These task mats that can be printed full page for students to draw and show their work easily. Which I LOVE!!! Perfect for RTI groups and using throughout the entire year.

 I love to laminate them for working in small groups and also using them as stations for review.

Proportions! I love these bold and fun task mats!!! Your students will reach proportion perfection with these. 
From determining 
if an expression is a proportion to -> solving -> setting up a problem and solving it 
these have you covered. You'll love how big the problems are for group work!

Promotion Troubles = SOLVED!

Over and out!

Monday, June 20, 2016

All the FONTS

It's no secret that I LOVE FONTS. I bet you do too! I seriously wish there were enough hours in the day for me to use my collection in all sorts of teachers things. One project that I am working on is organizing my fonts. Whether you sell on teachers pay teachers or are a font enthusiast--you will love these lists to keep your fonts in tip top shape.

Here are my organization sheets they include the following font genius/artists: KG Fonts, Brittney Murphy Designs, Darcy Baldwin Fonts, Cara Carroll Fonts, HelloFonts, Babbling Abby Fonts, Perfect Blend Fonts, & KB Fonts.

I also have a page for thehungryjpeg. If you haven't heard of this site--I am so sorrynotsorry for the amount of money you are going to want to spend there! Each month they offer a font/design pack and they are stuffed with fonts goodness. Sometimes there are so many fonts that I love that it is hard to keep track of them. Whomp. Whomp. ;)

One last fonts tip---especially if you have a mac! I keep FONTBOOK on my dock so I can easily browse my fonts. #fonttroubles I have so many Microsoft struggles to keep up with my fonts and it slows me down to wait for them to pop up on my powerpoint list. So do this! Give it a try--it will make your font loving heart even happier!

Did I miss a font artist? Give me a shout below so I can add it to my list and organizers!
If you aren't able to download the pdf above just shoot me an email and I'll quickly pass it along!

Over and out!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Books of Summer!

One of my favorite favorite things about summer is that there is more time to read! It's nice to not have the hustle and bustle of the school year and relax and read! We've been spending QT at the pool and I'll read a few pages before jumping in or just sit on the couch and breeze through a book. It's the BEST! Here's part of my summer round up so far ((Just finished Raymie Nightingale...and LOVE).

The Crossover & Booked by Kwame Alexander

I read Crossover about a month ago and finally found BOOKED at the library! I LOVE both books--probably Crossover a little more but it was fun to see Mr. Alexander work his magic once again. All the tears all the feels. You'll wanna add this one to your library. Definitely.

The Wild Robot By Peter Brown
Ok the first 40 pages I was not so sure about this book. So give a little bit. BUT hands down this will be added to my own personal library. There are a lot of discussions and sweet themes throughout every chapter. I can't wait to see if this one is a Newberry contender. Because it should be. PERFECT for book clubs and literature circles. AND a bonus for you because it's a quick read!

Red by Liesel Shurtliff
Earlier in the year I read RUMP and thought I loved it but I would recommend starting with RED. I could not put this book down. It was perfectly balanced with magic, adventure, comic relief, and full of fairy tale twists. Grab this for a read aloud if you are looking for one. I love it when fairy tales grow up with kids and RED does not disappoint at all!

What are you reading this summer?I need to add to my list!

Over and out!

Monday, June 6, 2016


Emoji's are a thing! I love "rolling" with the trends and things that will easily engage students, don't you? It's what makes learning fun and always different.

A few a month's back I purchased a few sets of these emoji's (no affiliate link--just an emoji fan!) and kind of wondered what I would do with them---other than give them out to my students or put them on fab work. THEN I came up with this fun whole group activity that then became a fun end of year writing center. Totally stocking up on more of these this summer!

You'll love this for any time of year. I found some 1 inch small blocks that I purchased at Michaels and made them into emoji dice. So all you have to do (or your students) is roll and write and let the creative juices FLOW!

Roll them under a document camera for a fun whole class activity. For free writing or story writing I roll and say "your setting is" and students would have to weave the emoji into their setting. It made things tricky and exciting. Plus there are always a few giggles when the chocolate ice cream swirl -- aka poop! emoji is rolled.

 We especially loved this with poetry! Having to include a word associated with the emoji made things really interesting and stepped up the kids creativity.

Think about Friday afternoons when everyone is a little tired EMOJI DICE will be a total lifesaver! When there seems to be a rut during your writer's workshop...lifesaver! Needing a fun center to add? This. Is. It.

Seriously so so easy and engaging is right up your alley! And your students will love creative writing even more!

Want more? Be sure to follow me on instagram (bethvanteaching) and on teachers pay teachers HERE!

Check out my new Emoji READING Status of the Class!

Over and out!
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