Monday, June 20, 2016

All the FONTS

It's no secret that I LOVE FONTS. I bet you do too! I seriously wish there were enough hours in the day for me to use my collection in all sorts of teachers things. One project that I am working on is organizing my fonts. Whether you sell on teachers pay teachers or are a font enthusiast--you will love these lists to keep your fonts in tip top shape.

Here are my organization sheets they include the following font genius/artists: KG Fonts, Brittney Murphy Designs, Darcy Baldwin Fonts, Cara Carroll Fonts, HelloFonts, Babbling Abby Fonts, Perfect Blend Fonts, & KB Fonts.

I also have a page for thehungryjpeg. If you haven't heard of this site--I am so sorrynotsorry for the amount of money you are going to want to spend there! Each month they offer a font/design pack and they are stuffed with fonts goodness. Sometimes there are so many fonts that I love that it is hard to keep track of them. Whomp. Whomp. ;)

One last fonts tip---especially if you have a mac! I keep FONTBOOK on my dock so I can easily browse my fonts. #fonttroubles I have so many Microsoft struggles to keep up with my fonts and it slows me down to wait for them to pop up on my powerpoint list. So do this! Give it a try--it will make your font loving heart even happier!

Did I miss a font artist? Give me a shout below so I can add it to my list and organizers!
If you aren't able to download the pdf above just shoot me an email and I'll quickly pass it along!

Over and out!


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