Friday, January 16, 2015

I like to move it! move it!

One thing that I love my students to do is MOVE. I think there is a lot of thinking, and talking, and learning going on in classrooms but we often forget that our students need to MOVE. I forget all the time! I'm the one walking around the classroom while they are working in their seats, reading, or working at centers on the floor. Every now and then it is time to bust a move, shake the wiggles out (even if you are 12 years old and too cool for school), and give your brain a rest. I found that my students work better and they are sharper if we stand up and get our groove on. Here are some songs I suggest finding the youtube video (play the song, don't show the video!) or creating a spotify playlist to get your kids moving!

I always like to throw in some 80's Bon Jovi, 90's Wilson Phillips, 2000's 'Nsync and Backstreet Boys, and of course OLDIES always works. One time I asked "Have you heard any other songs by NSYNC?" and a students responded "I think I know who he is!" It must be a generational think because all I could do was laugh. Good times. Rock on friends! And TEACH on!
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