Sunday, November 29, 2015

Give Yourself Permission...

It's that time for the TEACHERSPAYTEACHERS CyberSMILE sale.

Use promo code SMILE when you check out (and don't forget...whoops, might have done that once) and save!

Think of things that you'll need and want in January--after Christmas. #lifesaver. I know I'm taking the plunge and getting some things that have been sitting on my wishlist for a few months--well, since AUGUST. You should do the same!(:

AND...LOVING this flashback. The 90's...miss them! AND all of the cheesiness in the world.

Over and OUT!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Get It Together!!! {{ATTEMPTING the IMPOSSIBLE}}

So excited about this!!! I was inspired by Ashley at Schroeder's Shenanigan's in Second to put all of my to-do lists in one! 

I think it'll help keep me organized and it BRILLIANT! PLUS I can do this for school subjects too--but with tabs for math, science, reading, writing, guided reading...etc!!!

 It's easy peasy and such an easy way to stay organized. Saying good bye to post it's and scratch pieces of paper to keep me together! #pleasetellmeimnotalone

Y'all. Please enjoy the rest of your break--you've earned it! AND get organized before MONDAY!

Over and out!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Take it from the TOP!

Hello! This is fun! PERCENTS -----> PROPORTIONS

I am so excited about this! PERCENTS ---------> PROPORTIONS! I was planning on doing one BIG post but I decided to break it up--so read and then come and see me before THANKSGIVING. 

Holy. Guacamole. 

We made it to Thanksgiving. Lovely and wonderful.

TODAY. Percents to Proportions. I really hope I'm not the only one in the universe that struggles with this. I've tried all of the tricks and know a million and a half ways to get help my students find percents of a number and set up proportions but the need LOTS OF confidence. It's a scary thing, 

Those darn proportions (I love proportions, I do. BUT JUST DARN. Sometimes) can be so tricky.

ENTER this!

So a long time ago I created task cards where my students were given a problem and those that were really unsure at first, I wanted them to check their proportion setup (before they even went through to solve it). It breaks my heart when students spend tons of time and their setup is wrong.

SO. My students I have a card where they can check their setup and then they solve. This is also perfect for me to see if they 
a) have a hard time discerning the part from the whole
b) mess up with their math when solving

It's so so helpful when you need to know how to help your students!

When you are working on percents and proportions it's so important for students to spill their brains so you have a snapshot of what is going on in their minds!

Small group, whole group, centers, scoot, review, introduce...these cards take can take you through the whole year!

>>>>TRY THIS!<<<<

I line these up on desks and students go down and set up their proportions and then walk down the other side of the desk to make sure they have them set up correctly.

>>>>TRY THIS!<<<<

I've even written the correct answer on the inside ^^^ so they can check that as they go too. But usually I don't always have time so I just leave a copies of the answer key (north, south, east, west) for my students to check their own work #reallife #makelifeeasier #monitoryourownlearning

I send mini versions with my kids that go to resource or get tutoring help. Totally helps with keeping everyone on the same page!

There are challenge problems and my confident kiddos don't need to check it--just let them keep on a goin'!

These are in my store HERE!!!

Over and OUT!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


AH! I'm popping out of my crazy ~RaBbIt HoLe~ to say HELLO! How are you? Thanksgiving is right around the corner...youv'e got this!

I got this great idea to redo some product covers and then proceed to update some products and let's just say I am having fun! There are so many things I didn't know then that I know now AND way better fonts and other things that I have discovered since my TPT journey started.
 Out with the old and in with the new! It's been a lot of fun and I'm still trucking along!

Here are some of the fun updates!!!

This is a newly posted product that I need to blog about ASAP! I have pictures ready to go and everything! There's always more to a product than is on TPT!

Fraction, Decimal, and Percent LOVE


Can't get enough angles...I'm sad they aren't in the 6th Grade core...I love teaching GEOMETRY!

Orders of Operations with SWAG

I LOVE MY S.C.I.E.N.C.E. people!!! All of my science products are getting streamlined and I love it! If you need vocabulary poster cards or word wall words--I'm your girl! 

I'll be popping in this weekend and with some F!U!N! proportion and percent things that I want to share (well...this weekend is the goal!)



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dot Marks the Spot!

Let's get down to graphing! Reflecting points on graphs to be exact! When I first saw this in the Common Core---I was so nervous to teach this for some reason--well, all graphing things are a little intimidating to me for some reason. But I LOVE THIS. It's so visual and almost like a game--so we play lots of Battleship, Pirate Map, and Guess My Square games (all that were made up on the spot) to make this memorable, fun, and REAL.

What do you call this stuff? Cartesian Coordinate Graphing? Graphing? Plotting point? Battleship? I feel like there are so many fancy schmancy titles that 6th graders LOOOOOVE and associate with graphing! By the time kids make it to 6th grade they can a plot a point like nobody's business...right?!

I've found that students sometimes get a little intimidated when it comes to reflecting points and honestly...I was too when I first had to teach it! This is one of those math things that I throw caution to the wind and let my students discover and come up with the rules (well...I throw caution to the wind more often than not) because it's soooooo much better. So much.

I use these task mats--make a few copies of the set and have students work in groups to plot points using handy-dandy dot stickers...that are neon (because....neon is always better). I've laminated these and had sets where students plot the points using expo markers but dot plotting works better. I don't know what it is--I think seeing it and the power of stickers does wonders for all learners--but especially my visual learners.

I love this because my students come and tell me..."Mrs. Van...when you reflect over the x axis you change the -/+ of y and when you plot points over the y axis you change the -/+ of the x!" Each year we come up with a little rap or rhyme and by the time I'm teaching this again I totally forget #teacherprobs. But I LOVE that each group has made this their own. And BOOM. It's not that intimidating after all.

YES! These are in my store!!! Check them out here or by searching for my store under "Beth Van"!

Over and Out!

Monday, November 9, 2015

ROUND 2: Create Your Own Ratio

Ah! So my poster "Create Your Own Ratio" is all over pinterest--and if you are visiting from there THANK YOU SO MUCH and stick around! So I posted my little idea--just pictures and I thought it was about time to post the actual activity. So HERE it is BELOW but I've also added it to the original blogpost (HOORAY!). Enjoy :) Happy Day!

AND in case you are looking for more I have some other ratio activities posted up in my store! Check them out!

12 SWEET Ratio Activities! Task Flip Strips, Solve and Color, Table Building, and MORE! (percentages and proportions also included)

Are you needing a BIG JUST RATIO review? THIS is your ticket!

Over and Out!

The copy provided is for personal use and is not to be distributed or sold. Thanks! I appreciate it!

Monday, November 2, 2015


Okay Y'all. I just finished Mr. Ron Clark's Move YOUR Bus and it was nothing short of amazing. After the epilogue I was in tears. So just be warned--you need tissues for the epilogue. This word--MOMENTS--was repeated at least five times in the last paragraph of the book and I can't stop thinking about it. Our happiness and the difference that we make comes down to moments--if we run or make magic or if we walk or ride. 

I am so behind on blogging but it's because I've been creating lots of magic AND enjoying MAGIC created for me (birthday Taylor Swift concert surprise) that I will share soon! 

It's November friends! Let's roll up our sleeves and make some Moments of Magic!

Over and Out!
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