Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dot Marks the Spot!

Let's get down to graphing! Reflecting points on graphs to be exact! When I first saw this in the Common Core---I was so nervous to teach this for some reason--well, all graphing things are a little intimidating to me for some reason. But I LOVE THIS. It's so visual and almost like a game--so we play lots of Battleship, Pirate Map, and Guess My Square games (all that were made up on the spot) to make this memorable, fun, and REAL.

What do you call this stuff? Cartesian Coordinate Graphing? Graphing? Plotting point? Battleship? I feel like there are so many fancy schmancy titles that 6th graders LOOOOOVE and associate with graphing! By the time kids make it to 6th grade they can a plot a point like nobody's business...right?!

I've found that students sometimes get a little intimidated when it comes to reflecting points and honestly...I was too when I first had to teach it! This is one of those math things that I throw caution to the wind and let my students discover and come up with the rules (well...I throw caution to the wind more often than not) because it's soooooo much better. So much.

I use these task mats--make a few copies of the set and have students work in groups to plot points using handy-dandy dot stickers...that are neon (because....neon is always better). I've laminated these and had sets where students plot the points using expo markers but dot plotting works better. I don't know what it is--I think seeing it and the power of stickers does wonders for all learners--but especially my visual learners.

I love this because my students come and tell me..."Mrs. Van...when you reflect over the x axis you change the -/+ of y and when you plot points over the y axis you change the -/+ of the x!" Each year we come up with a little rap or rhyme and by the time I'm teaching this again I totally forget #teacherprobs. But I LOVE that each group has made this their own. And BOOM. It's not that intimidating after all.

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