Monday, November 9, 2015

ROUND 2: Create Your Own Ratio

Ah! So my poster "Create Your Own Ratio" is all over pinterest--and if you are visiting from there THANK YOU SO MUCH and stick around! So I posted my little idea--just pictures and I thought it was about time to post the actual activity. So HERE it is BELOW but I've also added it to the original blogpost (HOORAY!). Enjoy :) Happy Day!

AND in case you are looking for more I have some other ratio activities posted up in my store! Check them out!

12 SWEET Ratio Activities! Task Flip Strips, Solve and Color, Table Building, and MORE! (percentages and proportions also included)

Are you needing a BIG JUST RATIO review? THIS is your ticket!

Over and Out!

The copy provided is for personal use and is not to be distributed or sold. Thanks! I appreciate it!

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