Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fraction Fanatic

Hi! If you scroll around, you will see that lately my life has been consumed by fractions! 

Why are they so darn trick sometimes? 



I'm sharing some of my fraction foundation activities with you! AND I'll be popping in with some of my students favorite things to ensure that they've got fractions down!

If you haven't checked out my free WHAT'S MY MIXED NUMBER? activity you can get it for 
free here!



Fraction puzzles! I created these for some students that needed some strengthening with their fraction foundation but found that they were the perfect review (and even a tad tricky) for students who were fraction masters. 

The puzzles have students piecing together fraction information in


I just printed these two to a page (they are full page puzzles) and laminated them and store them in a page protector to pull out when we are doing fractions and also reviewing at the end of the year because....#testing #dontremindme #youaremorethanascore

ANNNNND I really just need to do a big ol' part blogpost about task mats proclaiming my love for them...but I think it will have to wait until summer

SO HERE'S a short version! ;)

Task Mats are my favorite....they are full page problems. I love them for small groups, scoots, stations, reviews, sample problems and so much more. 
I've found when I work with my small groups or grabbing a group of students struggling that having one problem in front of them with lots of room to work and show their thinking can make all the difference in the world. So I love them and you will too!


Because I'm focusing on foundations the task mats cover

Writing and drawing fractions
Fractions on a number line
Simplifying fractions
Equivalent fractions
Mixed Numbers and Improper fractions

There are 10 of each category and really reveal where students stand as to what they understand about fractions.

So make fractions less trickier. You can find these posted in my TPT shop
I love followers like you and feedback!


Over and Out!

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