Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Latin Me Tell You About the Greeks!

TODAY we are TALKING about ROOTS of the Latin & Greek VARIETY!

ROOTS! Whenever I first started teaching roots made me groan because how can they be fun! You know what!? So I made it my mission to make roots fun! AND don't you think your students would love roots more if they actually starting finding them and saw that roots aren't just a thing of the PAST. They are awesome sauce.

AND because I try to not to reinvent the wheel but for this one...I had TOO!

One OF my FAVORITE resources for TEACHING and LEARNING roots is and I have no idea how I came across it at all. BUT it's this treasure trove of all things that are WORDY. Which I love!

I have no affiliation with the site I just stumbled upon this gem of a site and have to share it (just to clear the air). I don't subscribe to the website and everything presented below is FREE! Because teachers are broke and humble. :) Whew got that off my chest. So let's take a look!

This is the main page--wouldn't your kids just go gaga for those posters because they are SO COOL! I love the visualness of them!

How stinking cool is this--it's all so cool! I love the visualness of this and how it links words together.  Oh, and there are podcasts. How fun would that be to listen too to squeeze in some root word awesomeness? Pretty cool.

If you scroll down below the tree there are some really cool written histories about the words and a list of ten that have definitions written using the root. Sah-Weet!

Another favorite part is this one--I've included a few of these WORD MAPS! I could look at these for forever! I have my students use chrome books or we go to the computer lab and type in our spelling words and learn more about them!

I love all the words that my students add to their vocabulary from this!!!

I could have added a million of these word posters. Don't you just love these? 

They also have a root of the day! Root! Root! Pretty awesome. This is just a glance at the website--there are other things to do and see and explore.

Fun a game by Scholastic

Also let's chat about dictionary skills. I STILL think that kids need them and it's not painful for you to teach or boring for them to learn if they have guidance, direction, and engaging things to do while they are searching the dictionary! If anything it teaches perseverance!\

One thing that you probably dread is sending kids off to "hunt" in the dictionary--it never turns out quite like you think or with any results. AND it's FRUSTRATING at times. However, I've found that if my students have direction that things end up much better. I have these snazzy posters and word collections

You can catch these in my store (Beth Van) as well as some matching games that make for a great center or review!

Over and out friends!


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