Wednesday, October 14, 2015

HOW SWEET it is...

To learn about RATIOS! Finally! After taking a small idea and having it blossom into one awesome product is super exciting! Come on...let's take a peek! Total there are 12 ACTIVITIES to do with your students to get them pumped about RATIOS!

First off, TASK FLIP STRIPS! Now I've blogged and posted about these before and I love them! Kids can just flip through and solve the problems. Included are flip strips for PERCENTAGES, WRITE the RATIO, and PROPORTIONS.

Next are the FLIP STRIPS. Simply PRINT, CUT, & SOLVE. It's that simple. Each set has 12 problems to solve and sort! For a total of 48--how perfect?!

The equivalent ratio sort!

Finding missing table values

Finding percentages solve and color!

Proportions Solve and Color

And much more! Be sure to check out my store!

Over and Out friends!

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