Thursday, October 1, 2015

More to a page PLEASE! (Tutorial!)

Does anyone else value paper and ink more than gold? I DO! I am not afraid to print tons of things for school but sometimes I like to take resources and shrink them. NOW. A long time ago we all had to wrestle copy machines to shrink things but thanks to technology it can be done with a click of a button (or two, or three, or four)!

I've gotten a few questions about how I print things smaller or multiple to a page. I currently use a MAC and PREVIEW. Adobe possesses my computer when I use it so I don't I am fluent in Adobe though! However, this is is solely for MAC/Preview users.

I was needing to print one of my work mat projects and it was a whopping 53 way do I want to use that just for editing! So Here's the step by step!

With these 7 steps--which go a lot faster than you would think--you can go crazy printing awesome things!!! When I first learned about this a few moons or so ago--I know I did some serious cartwheels. Well. Invisible cartwheels. Ha!
Over and Out!

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