Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FREEBIE Ghosts, Monsters, AND RATIOS

 I have a treat for you! Is October like this madness, chaotic, fly-by-the-seat of your pants time of year for anyone else? It might just be me but I was hoping for a few other people were in the same club too!

While Halloween is on Saturday this year (ya-hoooo) I know that you will be celebrating on FRIDAY and need some tricks up your sleeves! So print up one of these and get it copied before everyone dashes to the copy machine to stock up on Halloween activities.

Here's something that I've done with my kiddos. I'm still all about RATIOS right now (I promise I love other things too and that other activities are in the works) so here's some spooky practice for your students!

Scroll down for the answers!

Also don't forget to check out some fun RATIO products in my store! I've poured my RATIO loving heart into these products!

12 SWEET Ratio Activities! Task Flip Strips, Solve and Color, Table Building, and MORE! (percentages and proportions also included)

Are you needing a BIG JUST RATIO review? THIS is your ticket!

Answers to RATIOS ARE SPOOKY are...just imagine that they are each written three different ways ;)
#1 7:4 #2 4:3 #3 3:2 #4 2:3 #5 3:5 #6 4:2 #7 3:7 #8 2:4 #9 2:6 #10 6:3

Over and Out!

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