Monday, October 19, 2015

No Fear: Asking Questions on TeachersPayTeachers (for BUYERS)

Whether you sell on teacherspayteachers or are just a purchaser...what do you think about the question tab? I personally LOVE it both as a buyer and as a seller. Here's how and when to use it!

If you are looking for something specific ask to be sure that it is exactly what you want! That is totally totally fine! If it doesn't maybe another seller does or the seller that you asked could whip up what you need really fast and post it. It never hurts to ask! I've been approached by a teacher to create something and turns out LOTS of other teachers wanted the same thing. WINWIN.

With the ebb and flow of the internet links gets messed around and pinterest plays tricks on us. A seller might still have that something in their store or it might be something that they posted on their blog. Have you even seen something on instagram (my personal fav), Facebook, or pinterest from a certain seller? Sometimes they don't have it in their store but your interest could light their fire to create it! 

Sometimes you find something awesome and to keep the flow of things want to know if the seller has any other similar products in the works...they probably do! Sellers are happy to tell you yay or nay.

Many hours of work go into products and even though they are edited sometimes small mistakes slip through our fingers (just like text book publishers and authors of books). However, with teacherspayteachers a seller can quickly go in and change it and have an updated product posted super quickly. How awesome is that?! AND all sellers appreciate the help and other purchasers do too. 

If you are having trouble downloading your file trying asking the seller! They may or may not be able to help you (most of the time it's the buyer's computer that is having the trouble). But let the seller know--and let them know if you get it to work. Often times if you are in a pinch they can email you the product and sometimes that's they easiest way. However, keep in mind that some products are SUPER large and can't be emailed because of their file type or size!

PRINTING however is a whole 'nother issue and the seller has no control over that! Usually printers are the part going haywire! Erica Bohrer at Erica's Ed-Ventures has a fabulous troubleshooting blog post that I recommend. She included just about every technical issue! Whenever buyer's ask me, I send them along to her blog for help! Teacherspayteachers also has a list of troubleshooting ideas as well. So ask if your product won't print but be prepared to do some work on your end!

AND last of all. Sometimes you can just drop a nice note buy a seller. Say you've already left feedback another nice note about how much you love their resources never hurts either!

NOW! It's time to go shopping! AND if you are SELLER stop by later this week for some tips that I have for YOU concerning your QUESTION and ANSWER section!

Over and OUT!

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