Thursday, August 27, 2015

Teachy Essential

I LOVE makeup. Does anyone else? I can spend a paycheck at Sephora like nobody's business but my husband doesn't always appreciate it--nor does he understand it. In one of my Target shopping trips I needed foundation or something just as a "thin base coat" on my face. So I found this!

Y'all. I love these things so much. I'm no make-up professional by any means but I know what I like! I really hate foundations because I feel like my skin can't breathe but this stuff is magic. It's light and smooth. It goes on evenly and gets rid of those awful dark spots under my eyes--it blends them in. And I feel like it camoflouges my blemishes really well #stillgotteenageacnegoingon #notateenager #sooverit. I've tried other brands of BB creams but this one is THE BEST. So don't bother trying the others! Ha!

Anyways, teachers need make up that is easy on the pocket book and does the job! And this BB Cream by Loreal does the trick!

Over and Out!

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