Friday, August 14, 2015

Not Gonna Burst Your Bubble!

Ah! These speech bubbles are seriously rockin' my world. I love 'em and can't wait to use them in groups and with kiddos...I may or may not have a few other speech bubble irons in my fire right now. BUT these science ones! Can you tell, I'm on a science kick this week!--and last week--and the next week!

Isn't that just one happy cover. Rebecca from RebeccaBDesigns doesn't know this but we are seriously best friends. Do you have a friend that doesn't know your actually friends? Good. I needed someone in the same awesome club as me!

I have TWO versions--a white version and color version--both included! You can just pick your poison as to which ones you print--or print both if it makes ya feel good! OR be like me and print mini-ones--4 to a page like task cards. If you come up with a different printing combination let me know!

That is all. ...Bueller???! Happy Last Weekend before school starts friends and enjoy your weekend so much if school has already started for you!

Over and OUT!

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