Friday, August 28, 2015


I can't deny that at our house there are some major sweet tooth's hanging around. Are Friday's a weakness for everyone? We do our best to not indulge too oftenand I don't really bake. BUT while blog browsing I found a video of someone making slutty brownies and we were done! We had to go to Target for Chocolate Chips (they deserve capital letters), Oreos, and cocoa powder, and these slutty brownies were amazing. I've see pictures of them a million times but just watching that video got us!
Do you see those layers of cookie dough, oreos, and brownies? Lots of veggies tomorrow! ANNND we are hoping that this silly storm (Tropical Storm Erika)  doesn't leave us stranded without power. We've got gas, cash, water, and granola bars--so we are good, right? Oh, a leftover brownies! I'm plugging through some posts and products to get things posted. If you don't hear from me--send a cold diet coke to South Florida because chances are I will really need it ;)! 
It's the weeeeeeekend! Hope yours is fabulous! 

ps. These are from What's Gaby Cooking (whatgabycookin on insta). She pronounces her name (gah-by)--not "gabby" which I think is so cool. ANNNNND put on your stretchy pants because everything she makes is delish.
pss...I'm noooot a food blogger. I just like good food.

Officially over and out.

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