Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reading Blogs and Stuffs I ADORE

This blog post has taken a lot of twists and turns! So hold on tight!

I love reading. I grew up reading all the time and would go to the library and stock up on books and call Barnes and Noble to order books that my city library didn't have. YUP. Prior to the internet I was the 10 year old that called Barnes and Noble to order books. I'm not that old! At least that's what I tell myself.

As a teacher there is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much to do and you have this much time. If I'm incorrect just holler and let me know. I always felt so overwhelmed by reading especially with the upper grades and guided reading. Having 5-6 groups which equals 5-6 novels is a lot to wrap anyones brain is circles, knots, and bowties. It's HARD! My first year that I taught I was so frustrated with the amount of reading on top of the regular work load that it really dulled my enthusiasm for reading. I learned a lot and spent the summer reading and marking up books like nobody's business.

Pinterest wasn't really a thing. Blogging wasn't really a thing. Common Core wasn't even a thing. So there weren't these networks to spread the word about fantastic new reads. BUT NOW because of the INTERNET and PINTEREST and BLOGS and COMMON CORE there are all these amazesome (amazing and awesome) blogs and resources that not only connect readers but the connect teachers to books that their students will not just love but DEVOUR.

SO. If you've made it this far you are the best. I am wanting share some of my favorite tried and true reading blogs, websites, and resources that I love. I can't share them all in one post and I'll probably pop in with a new one-because I'm a giver and I have to share my favorite things with you!

So.So.So if you are a reader and a teacher. Or a teacher that's notsomuch a reader. Or a newbie teacher that a little overwhelmed. Or an oldie goldie teacher. Look up these awesome sites and get all the inspiration you have been searching for!

This blog is just that. A Hoot. I love how Emily (a librarian) reviews books and all of the things she posts. I love the variety of picture books because all big kids love a good picture book. Hey! I even enjoy a good picture book.  There's a short and sweet synopsis of the book and a quick blurb about why she loves the book or maybe a few things she's not so wild about. You're the same way right?! You want to know a book that's cover hides amazing illustrations. Also there a tons of trendy books that aren't always the fabulous and she lets you know! I appreciate a blog like that. Provided in the posts are cover pictures (me likey pictures), all the info you would need to purchase it.

You will loooooove all of the compilations she does and fun flow charts she has (she just posted one specifically for middle grades teachers). These are great snapshots of books that are recommended. You will find yourself coming back to this blog time and time again! Visit Literary Hoots asap!

This one isn't a blog. It's a fancy pants website database of tons of movies and books called Common Sense Media. I go to it mainly for the books. I LOVE this site because with the upper elementary grades your students might be getting into some YA reads and even some children's books that have leery content. Where I taught my school served a very conservative community and I had parents asking me all the time about what their kids were reading independently and wanting to make sure the content was something they felt comfortable with their kiddos divulging in.

I always recommend this site because it maps out Educational Value, Positive Messages, Positive Role Models, Violence, Sex, Language, Consumerism, and Drinking, Drugs, & Smoking. I especially love the positive messages and positive role models part! I can't handle downer books. As a teacher I appreciate the "heads up" instead of having a surprise when reading and parents also love this website because it gives a snapshot of the book without them having to read it. It's a good one!

This is a longtime favorite. It's kind of a hodge lodge of a blog that weaves reading and lifestyle and parent posts. It's fun and I love her BIG pictures and I love that she reads books from an actual library. So classy! This is a great blog for adult books, children's chapter books, and picture books. I love hearing about fun picture books because sometimes my upper elementary kiddos just need a break! When I get a chance to read books of my own choosing I always look to see what Janssen at Everyday Reading recommends...because anyone who loves "The Selection" Series and "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" speaks my language.

And just a side note--she had a great recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins.

What are some of your favorite books sites??!? Tell me! Tell me!

Happy Reading!

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