Wednesday, September 23, 2015


In light of all the RATIO happiness that there is on the blog I figured I'd post one happy homework assignment that I give my kiddos--and in class activity. I love to do math stations--"current" stations, math review stations, math fact stations (because let's be honest, after the summer I am like...WHAT IS 8 x 7...I need a review myself), and a station where my kiddos work with me. I love to have them involved in some of the stations--because they are more invested and it's easier for me...ha!

SO RATIOS. I have my students bring their own ratio--HENCE the name CREATE YOUR OWN RATIO. It can be in lowest terms OR it can be larger than that. All of the contents just have to fit in a brown paper bag and be completely school appropriate (if it is must be wrapped). It could be a recipe. Pencils and crayons, game board pieces. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Students fill out their info sheet on their ratio:

Also my students fill out a little form (there are 4 per page--but they only get one) with the answers to their question--What is the ratio of _____ to ______? They fill in what the ratio is, three different ways to write it, and 3 equivalent ratios. Boom! I send this home as homework or have them fill it out when they come to school--I've done it both ways and I don't really have a preference. You might and that's cool! And the bonus is is that the answers are done for you. I sometimes have my students leave it facedown beside their ratio :)

Here's my awesome example. I always make examples to show my kids--it's cheesy and silly but I have a fond appreciation for examples and making sure that kiddos are on the right path!

So this is what your students have filled out prior to beginning the stations ^^^

Then my students go around the room and fill out this handy dandy sheet on ratios and answer the following questions. When it's a station they simply do 5 ratios but I've also done a whole class session--where they do 10 or 20. Either during or after they rotate they can check their answers with the students who brought the ratio. It's fun. It's simple. It's REAL LIFE. AND it's such a good way to get them involved and invested in math...which are two really important words in my book.

It's an easy peasy way to review, practice, or just have fun with RATIOS!

If you need this and are in a pinch just leave your email below and I'll pass it along---working on adding the pdf later on this week! :)


Over and out!


  1. would love to do this with my class. thanks.

  2. I would love a copy of all your forms for this project.

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Please send me a copy of this super cute activity! Thank you

  5. Thank you! Please share with me,


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