Monday, September 14, 2015

Doodle Space!

Now that I have a few years of teaching under my belt I've found that I've been able to have to time to create things that I have always always wanted. A few years ago I had a class with a few students that dreaded recess and some of the had legitimate reasons to take a breather from the social aspects of school.

I was totally thrown for a loop because who dreads recess??? One student, in particular, usually needed a break from other classmates, my other students needed a break from this student, but I also needed my recess time to prep activities (and I kind of needed a 10 minute break too...not gonna lie!). Our grade level shared a teacher helper and she was fantastic at calming this student down and talking with him and prepping things for me. Together we came up with some ideas on how to help this students decompress and gear up for the rest of the day.

In came the doodling...this student LOVED to draw so I started making these doodle pages to allow him to be creative and have a mental recess from lots of social stressors he was facing during the day. My teacher helper would have this all prepared for him to doodle and calm down and give him a beak from the social pressures that he faced day in and day out. It was perfect. He did something he loved, I had prep time, and it was a positive thing that all of my students took notice too. My other students loove these too--so when they are too sick to go out for recess that have an easy and relaxing activity that helps them feel like they are getting a break without leaving the classroom.

They are simple and fun. I printed them task card size and let students use dry erase crayons on them. I also have a file of them on hand too. These have also come in handy with parent teacher conferences (a task for younger siblings), subs, Friday afternoons around 2:00, testing, and those weird moments when you are waiting for an assembly. And then you have beautiful art for your class!

Here are few samples of the 50 that are included---feel free to print for your own use. 

 Seriously. What could you draw out of this? How could you incorporate it into a scene? My imagination is already running wild

When I saw this I thought--CANDY STORE. Ribbons of candy, licorice, and swirls of ice cream. But you might think of something healthier...and for that you deserve a pat on the back.

They aren't all abstract and doodly. Is it a road? A zipper? What kind of doodle is it?? LOVE. and my students loves these too!

 These puppies are up in my store (and I am hurriedly working on another set). Feel free to print some of the sample ones that I posted (just click, save, and print) if you are in a bind and need a doodling activity. I have 55 posted up in my teacherspayteachers store and you can find them HERE!
Happy Wednesday!

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