Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pencil! Pencil! Read all about it!

Seriously summer has flown by! Is it just me? I am sure I haven't had enough sno-cones, pools days, beach days, sleeping-in days! I'll have to get started as soon as possible. With the new school year around the corner I'm constantly making trips to the Dollar Tree, Target (Dollar Spot), and purchasing things on Amazon to prep for the new year. My husband dreads when I do dollar store runs but when he considers what a Target run would amount too--he prefers I head to the dollar store to get most of my school necessities (and wants) purchased.

One thing that I am sure to stock up on year round are mechanical pencils. If I find any mechanical pencils on clearance I will snatch them up but it's so rare. I've found The Dollar Tree has pencils that my students have LOVED throughout the years. Here they are:
Now, here's why I stock up on mechanical pencils. I can't stand pencil sharpeners. After years, I have finally found one that I love and that my students haven't figured out how to jam or break yet. I think part of the reason the pencil sharpener has survived so long is that I give out mechanical pencils as prizes, thank you's, whoo-hoo surprises and more! 

When students are doing great things I hand out mechanical pencils! And guess what?! It works! Once one students gets a super cool pencil the other one's change their behavior or go the extra mile on their assignments too. It's simple and cheap enough that I don't mind it at all and it seriously saves my sanity and is a great incentive for my students. I simply store them in a container (it was a jar but then my collection needed to grow!) and in a spot that I can easily pass them out! I feel like it's a great deal and a perfect pencil solution!

Over and Out!

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