Friday, July 31, 2015

Back To School SALE!

Well, that was a quick turn around! Just as I am wrapping up my sale for 500+ Feedback on TpT (it ENDS tonight!) we are hosting another sale just in time for back to school--lucky you! lucky me! lucky we! The SALE is AUGUST 3-4 so mark your calendars, set reminders and tell your friends! Be sure to go through the site and think in advance of things that you need! That's what I am going to be doing this weekend--but don't tell the mister! Shhh!

 That awesome game--get it! Those posters that you have wanted and NEEDED for forever? Yup, you got it, BUY em'. Those super cute fonts? Get them ALL! Those borders for the cutest worksheets? Get it. Treat yo' self (it's my motto in life and I feel that it applies to my friends too!). You don't do it enough! Trust me! I have slight font addiction, paper addiction, and anything that I want for my students...well, I end up getting it all. So you are in good company.

It's the most wonderful time of the year...for teacherspayteachers that is, and it doesn't happen that often. So stock up, grab some goodies, and then empty that wish list...Because YOU ARE WORTH IT. Over and out (because I'm wish-listing like crazy right now and basking in all the teacherspayteachers goodness)! What's on your wish list?--tell me please!

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