Monday, July 20, 2015

I got a DOT COM Y'all!

Moving on up a little bit in the world! That's what you call getting your own .com! I've had the, gmail, and stuffs for a while (as in like 3 years) and decided since I loved the name so much to just go ahead and purchase the domain. It was fun and I feel a little bit more grown up now...even though I had Corn POPS for breakfast and totally took a step in the opposite direction of being a grown up. Not to cause any confusion but here is a road map for where to find me on other social media and internet outlets:

And if you find me on all social media outlets grab a diet coke and do the macarena because that my friend, is quite the feat! I hope to see you all around. Stop by my instagram and say hi and follow along. It's one of my favorite places! AND one last thing, at the top of this page and on the right are my social media buttons and they should take you right where you need to go.

I'm off to the grocery store--for more adult-ish and mature-ish food. Wish me luck!

Over and Out!

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