Monday, August 14, 2017

Shelfies and Snapshots Update

I added some SHELFIES and SNAPSHOTS to my product this past week. There are TEN book shelfies, hashtag snapshots, and now a few picture books shelfies. Coming soon are genre shelfies too. I've had thiiiiiiisssssss much fun adding shelfies and snapshots this summer

I have loved getting requests and adding to this!

I am a **little** bit stoked about this setup--scratch that SUPER OUT OF THIS WORLD EXCITED about this setup and the shelfies--talk about the ultimate accountability. 

Have you caught any of the tutorials for printing posters at office max for about 3 dollars? 

Click on this link and then scroll to "blueprints" and I printed an 24x36 poster and it came out beautifully! Be sure to click the fit to size box! Always look for a discount code too.

As you read picture books students write in the titles and authors. There are 20 books for shooting for a goal of reading a picture book a day.

Also added as a request was a genre shelfie for my fellow upper elementary and middle school friends!

I AM SO SO SO excited about this!

Talk about the coolest way to document your reading
I love that each student can make their shelfies reflect their reading!

If you already own this be sure to download the update under "my purchases on tpt. And if not, what are you waiting for? It's perfect if you love celebrating reading all year!

Here's a link to check out!

Hope y'all are gearing up for another great year!

Over and out!


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