Friday, August 25, 2017

Reading Is My Jam (A reading journal like no other)

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student centered

I feel like each school year I go in with a goal to build my readers UP! Whether they are voracious readers or readers that aren't too sure that they really are readers. Isn't that what we all want? 
To lift up and build our readers?


I really can never contain my excitement but this has been a little project/brainchild of mine for the past few months that I've gotten to work on in-between moving and unpacking boxes. When I was in school I kept a notebook of quotes I loved, authors I couldn't get enough of, and thanks to one of my favorite teachers ever I kept track of all the pages I read. I adored this notebook.

((made by a reader))

Chalk full of quotes about reading/books/libraries and unique pages for students to record and journal in...with a little bit...okay...a lot of flair and fun! 

Over 15 journal pages are included and 15 quotes to keep readers inspired throughout the entire school year.

UNPUTDOWNABLE. YUP. Because those books exist. What would be on your list? 
Mine would definitely include Wonder, The Wild Robot, and The One and Only Ivan. 

Sprinkled throughout the journal you can put in fun quotes that students can tailor to their tastes but doodling our making them colorful...also there are black and bold prints included.

In love with the dinosaur...because dinosaurs are awesome!

Anyways! I'm so excited to get this in the hands of so many teachers and readers. You can find this in my TPT shop.

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Get your read on!

Over and out!


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