Monday, August 29, 2016

Year Long Work Boxes

It is THAT time. I feel like we are all starting to find our back-to-school groove...

And everything that comes with it--there's so much to do and not enough time at all!

I wanted to share one of my time saving tips that can last you all year...and your kiddos too! ANNND also get your kiddos showing their work.

While #thestruggleisreal with showing work--I've found a good trick to get kiddos to show their work. I take my work boxes and make copies of them and I am set for a good chunk of the year! 

What are work boxes? They are generic sheets that my students use for multiple subjects to show their work and respond on. I have a million sets of task cards and instead of keeping up with each recording sheet...I just whip out a generic set for students to show their work on. There's room for students to write the activity and SO MANY variations! 

I could never keep up with the millions of recording sheets to go with task cards, scoots, and other class activities...EEEEKS! So many! So I created my own set to keep us showing our work (and to keep me more organized).

Want to try it? Just follow me and try it out!

How are your first few weeks of school going? I know you are totally ROCKING this year!

Over and Out


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