Saturday, August 20, 2016

Genre Lovin'

I feel like we all need a deep---like super deep---breath right now! It's the beginning of the school year and the OLYMPICS are happening right now.

So there is no sleep.

Or very little sleep occurring.

AND so much excitement.

I got these little fun things together the other night EMOJI GENRE READING posters. And I love them. So much. 

My kids always need all the visual clues they can get--well...I need all the visual clues I can get ;). EMOJI's conveniently just lend themselves to fun projects like this.

AND here's a sneak peek that I totally love. (if you are interested they are available in my tpt store---Follow along and find them here!

AND they are editable. Which is aweeeesome!


May the forces of Genre be with you and your crew(s) this year!

Over and out!

1 comment:

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