Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blast off to the MOON

I wanted to do a compilation including the best of the best engaging activities about THE MOON!

 I feel like it's an area that is revisited over and over again and students have high interest in it. BUT keeping them engaged can be so tricky!

.....So here are a few of my favorite {elementary} resources for learning all about the moon.


Isn't it funny how food makes everything more engaging at school? Well, bust out the oreos and do a moon phase match. I've seen a lot of Oreo activities and found one that I loved from letstotschool (all the heart eyes). BUT then I made a few tweaks and made my own (shown above) for some kiddos with food allergies. If you are in need of that just shoot me an email and I'm happy to help you out!

What I love most is that it is already done for me. Hop on over to (or click the link) to grab your ready-to-go moon phase match!

Do you love parodies? I do! And your students will EAT THESE up. No joke. Mr. Parr creates science songs to well known songs that your students won't be able to resist. The Moon Phase song is to CeeLo's "Forget You" (insert JustDance moves here). 

What I SUPER love about these is if you click on the "show more" the typed up lyrics are there. I print them up on the back of my students science notes so we can revisit the song over and over--and they know all of the words.

Before I found Mr. Parr I used this song and my students each year LOVE LOVE LOVE it as well. You can watch it for free on youtube but I purchased it on iTunes so we could listen to it anywhere! Just choose which one you want to hear over and over again! 


This takes some downloading of GoogleEarth but your students will love this.

They take a tour of the moon with astronauts {virtually, of course}. It's pretty quick and your kids will love to be able to take a closer look at earth's satellite.

Google has a great video to get you started here. We always do the Buzz Aldrin tour :) Here's a student sample.

At the end of this post, I've included a pdf of the questions that my students answer. PLUS I had them take notes on the back about cool things they found to present to the class afterward.

Y'all I am so excited about these!!! Simply print these out, but and have students tape or staple them around their wrists and learn about the moon phases all day. It's such an easy way to study and they are rather cool. These baby's are ready to print-cut-go so your students will be moon experts in no time!

 They are included in my new moon bundle that is literally JAM PACKED with everything to make your students a moon expert in no time! From a moon crown, matching cards, posters, phases of the moon fill-in's and more! Check it out y'all!

And here's your quick and easy download for a GOOGLE MOON tour! Your kiddos will LOVE it!

What do you love most about teaching moon phases? Let me know in the comments!

Over and out!


  1. Where can I get all of these resources? I want them all!

  2. Hi! What Buzz Aldrin Video did you use? Thanks!

  3. I am wordless when I have to comment on your blog. Your writing and thought is beyond any word of praise.

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  5. Where can I locate the Buzz Aldrin video you mentioned in this post?


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