Wednesday, December 9, 2015


AH! December?! We are meeting again...and so soon!!! I LOVE it! Is anyone else in a slight panic mode because there is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much to do and this much time?! Say it ain't so!

Even though I am slightly feeling overwhelmed with so much to do I am totally reveling in the Christmas spirit. Pandora is playing Christmas songs all day and we've been catching a few of our favorite Christmas shows. The wrapping bonanza has already began at our house!

AND BOOKS! My books play double duty--I use them both at home AND in the classroom. It's either a #teacherperk or #teacherproblem. I posted this on instagram last week but figured I should post it here to...some of my faaaavorite books. You can read about it later this week (maybe tomorrow...we shall see)!

ALLLLSO, while I am sharing a few of my favorite things...I want to share what I do for Christmas for my kids...

I don't do individual gifts...

I DO A BIG CLASS GIFT! My first year teaching I hated the idea of spending money on junk ((candy)) or things that my kids wouldn't use. AND being a first year teacher with a pretty sparse classroom, I opted to try presenting the idea of a class gift and they WENT for it.

I took requests on games (for rainy day and snow day recess), books (both individual books and guided reading wishlists and kindle books), science activity or materials, music, supplies, and just about anything that we could use at school.

SUCH a lifesaver and such a fabulous investment in my classroom!!! My first year my class really loved games so I stocked up on playing cards, monopoly deal, spot-it, blink, dominoes, topple and I think I got more beach balls and inflatable balls for outdoor games...seriously brilliant and the perfect budget busting excuse...because its all for the kids!

I've done big book Christmases...loading up our classroom kindles, buying sets of new books for guided reading, and getting some pretty fabulous read alouds.

THE options are really endless. One year my students asked for new expos---done!!! I also take song requests--and I'll buy them up so they are always on my phone, computer, iPad, and iPod so we can move and work with some of our favorite songs. My students squealed when they saw $20 dollar iTunes gift card.

My first year I wrapped everything...but since I've thrown everything in a bucket, covered it with a blanket, and whisked it off and totally felt like Oprah. It's the best! AND YOU should try it!

This year I am hoping to grab some magna tiles (scouring for a deal...I missed one a few weeks ago), the guided reading books above (with kindles I only have to buy one copy and my students can share), a switch-pitch or two, annnnnd some fun recess's basically the best time to splurge on my kids!

So if you are struggling with what to give your students figure out something to give the WHOLE class!


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