Friday, December 6, 2019

Skip Wrapping Those Christmas Books

It's THE MOST wonderful time of the year! I just wanted to share out Christmas picture book countdown with you...and with a FREEBIE to help you countdown to Christmas Day! Whether you are in the classroom or wanting a countdown for your family at home this is for YOU!


But first a short story...Last year I lovingly wrapped every book for my daughter. As the Christmas seasons went on we starting going through unwrapping little girl got tired of unwrapping the books. Then, I needed a book for a school event and it was wrapped up so I was guessing which one it was to unwrap it. Man. It was such a bummer to have this fun thing I was so excited about fall flat.

Fast forward to this year and I decided I want the books out! I love looking at the covers of the stories. Books are always festive and fun decor...right?! Sometimes, my little girl wants to read a book that might not be on the "Christmas book reading schedule" so UNWRAPPED CHRISTMAS BOOKS IT IS. Let them be free. I made this fun countdown for us to read every night. 

It has been so nice!

 I love that we can read "Santa's Book of Names" whenever we want too--and however many times we want. Caroline can read "Fat Santa" whenever she wants too because sometimes she just wants to read the pictures--and she loves the pictures in that book. Also, the Jolly Postman is just so fun to play and read that it needs to be out all year!

Below is a freebie that you can print to countdown picture books throughout the Christmas season too.

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This is SIMPLE y'all! Just hover your mouse over the pdf below and a dark gray box with an arrow will pop up...CLICK ON THAT to DOWNLOAD this free Christmas Bookmark Countdown!

You can print in color and I provided a black and white version too..just keep scrolling on the pdf.
PLUS all the NUMBERS--if you are the queen of being festive and like to read Christmas books starting in November--I've got you covered :)

Merry Christmas!

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