Monday, July 31, 2017


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Are you always on the hunt for books that your kids will be obsessed with? 

This series is something that you NEED in your least one book from the series.

Not only am I obsessed with this How Big Is It? Book but students are too! Here are a few ways to use it in your classroom...and of course you should enjoy reading this book just for fun!

Just flipping through the beginning paragraphs you can't miss how catchy they begin! 15 different and quality introductions in one place...yes please!  So I love to use this to teach drawing the reader in with awesome first lines/introductory paragraphs. Defineitly shows that nonfiction is awesome and there's no excuse for a dry beginning.

In math we cover metric measurement to customary measurement conversions. YIKES. Definitely not my strength so I used this as a fun review to convert measurements between the two systems--and since the answers are doesn't get any better. I just washi taped over the measurements for students to figure them out!

We all know that outer space never gets old. Olympus Mons, Eta Carinae, Valles Marineris, Arecibo Radio Telescope...all have ties to outer space! And it's a little cooler to read about them out of this book.

I love using this text across subjects. If we want our students to revisit texts then we have to revisit them too! Rinse, reuse, and repeat with this awesome book!

I picked up my loved copy from Thirftbooks and I've also seen them on Amazon and eBay.

What are some of your favorite books? I'm excited to share some more of mine!

Over and out!


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