Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Ah! Have you ever had something that you are so excited about you can hardly wait. And every day the anticipation builds?! Than you'll totally understand how excited I am about these

When I teach expressions the 90's chime of "PLUG it IN, PLUG it IN" always runs through my mind. I've cued up a vintage commercial for you to share with your students. Sometimes things like VARIABLES can easily trip students up...especially when they've never mixed numbers and letters before. Let alone throwing in adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and a few exponents.

We just really throw them for a loop all at once, don't we? ;)

Enter EXPRESSION WHEELS. I love these especially when introducing expressions and they are also the perfect intervention tool.

My students LOVE these--think relays, twister (even though I haven't tried it yet...I'm determined to find a way!), pass the expression wheel (each student solves one and the 7th student checks them all!). Even a perfect center to visit throughout the remainder of the school year.

One of my big passions is creating tools that students can use to be so confident in math. I struggled in math as an elementary school kid and totally get that frustration.

Past frustrated math child syndrome. See...self-diagnosed!

AND students can self-check...which puts them in charge of their learning. And it saves me

Not only do I love sharing my tools with my students but also you! Thank goodness for blogging and teacherspayteachers. 6th grade teachers need all the help they can get! (well, all teachers too ;).

I love these wheels! I print them on different colors, slice the answers, cut and laminate. HOWEVER, I know that sometimes time is short and these are easy to print, cut off or fold the answers back and go. Easy peasy.

You can find these in my store here!

Over and out!

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